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Our Vision

Community enrichment • Diverse and inspiring live entertainment • opportunities for creative dramatic experience

Member Resources


Audition Sheet (PDF)

Audition Sheet (Word)

This is our standard information sheet which aspiring actors fill out and bring to an audition. Directors sometimes modify this sheet for their own purposes in which case a different document will be available for download with the audition announcement. The Word version here is provided for Directors to modify if desired.

Resources for Producers

Production Budget Worksheet and Expense Tracker

The Production Budget Worksheet is a blank spreadsheet to calculate figures for a production budget. To print and calculate the budget manually use the PDF versions. The Excel document includes both the budget form and the Expense Tracker to record expenses as they are submitted. This sheet automatically copies the amounts from the budget and calculates running totals which are then copied back to the budget sheet as actuals.

Production Expense Reimbursement Form

This form should always be completed by cast and crew members when:

  1. Claiming expenses they have personally paid for  and require reimbursement, or
  2. Reporting expenses they have charged to our account with one of our suppliers, or
  3. Reporting expenses charged to the Shuswap Theatre credit card.
Theatre Photocopying Costs


Zone Festival Budget Worksheet (Excel)

Zone Festival Budget Worksheet (PDF)

Use this worksheet for projecting the cost of taking a production to the OZone Festival.

Agenda for First Production Meeting This is a suggested agenda for Producers to use for their first production meeting. It can be adapted as desired but helps to make sure the bases are covered.

Production Bio Worksheet (Word)

Production Bio Worksheet (PDF)

This document is a tool to use when collecting information for programme bios for cast and/or crew. As writing styles and skills vary widely, for consistency of style, we use these worksheets to provide content while one editor writes them up for the programme.

Poster Distribution List Apr 2024

A list of locations that will accept posters of our events for display on windows or bulletin boards. The list is organized geographically.
Guidelines for Front of House Volunteers A list of responsibilities and things to know.
Actor’s Etiquette Agreement An outline of proper etiquette for rehearsal and backstage behavior in the form of an agreement signed by the actor.

For Board Members

Board Member Orientation


This document was developed for prospective board members before agreeing to stand for election. It is useful for experienced board members to read it occasionally, too.

Technical Information