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Our Vision

Community enrichment • Diverse and inspiring live entertainment • opportunities for creative dramatic experience

Get Involved

It’s About the People

Community theatre is all about people – the people on stage, the people in the crew, the myriad of people who help keep it all going, and of course, the audience for whom it is all created. Community theatre is an intimate affair – people working together and supporting each other. There are many ways you can be a part of this creative dance.

The first step is to simply become a member. By paying the small membership fee you demonstrate to the community and to potential funding bodies that community theatre matters to you. That’s important. And you can do it right now.

If taking out a membership is the extent of involvement you want to have, that’s quite ok. But its great fun to get personally involved, too. It takes many people to create even one production. Learn about the different jobs and roles that are needed both for our productions and for the administration of the theatre as a whole, and then complete our online questionnaire to let us know what would interest you.

Few, if any, arts groups can survive only from ticket sales. Perhaps you simply don’t have the time to get involved yourself but you still want to help keep the magic alive. You can make a difference through a financial donation to the theatre. You can do it  online right here.

Or perhaps you would like to roll up your sleeves and help with the nitty gritty of governing and managing this wonderful, whacky world of creative endeavour. Perhaps you’d like to serve on the Board.