Entertaining the Shuswap since 1977!

Our Vision

Community enrichment • Diverse and inspiring live entertainment • opportunities for creative dramatic experience

Job Descriptions

DIRECTOR The director has the overall responsibility of the entire production and has full artistic and technical control from auditions through to the striking of the set.
PRODUCER The “manager” of a production; responsible for everything that does not happen on stage; finds the crews, oversees the budget, solves problems as they occur.
LOBBY DISPLAY Arranges a photo image record of the making of the production in the Lobby. This job is sometimes done by the Photographer.
PHOTOGRAPHER Takes photos of the cast and crew as well as production and publicity shots.
POSTER DESIGNER Prepares the art and design of the poster for a production; arranges for printing and modification of artwork to fit other print needs, e.g. the program, flyers.
PROGRAMME DESIGNER Obtains artwork from poster designer; gathers necessary information from producer and arranges for editing, proofing and printing.
ACTOR Obtains script and reads it to be familiar with the story line and characters & fill out audition sheet. If cast in the show, follows guidelines as set by Society and Director.
PROPS MANAGER Responsible for acquiring all the items on stage that actors pick up or carry on.
STAGE MANAGER In charge of the physical stage area; makes schedules and records blocking; oversees and works with all technical crews; responsible for the show as soon as the run starts.
COSTUME DESIGNER Fabricates the overall appearance of a character or performer. This involves researching, designing and building the actual items from conception.
COSTUME SEWER Acquires, sews, alters costumes.
DRESSER –Backstage stage hand involved with quick costume changes and maintaining quality and look of the costumes during the performance.
HAIR STYLIST Arranges for hairstyles, hair pieces, wigs, curling iron, clips, combs, brushes, pins, hair colouring, spray, etc.
MAKEUP MANAGER Determines needs for each actor; checks/orders make up supplies if necessary.
MAKEUP ASSISTANT Works with Makeup Manager and applies make up during show.
LIGHTING DESIGNER Makes up rough lighting plot, light sources, mood of each scene, special lighting effects, etc. Creates lighting plot sheet , instrument schedule and gives to lighting technician. Advises and/or assists with any problems encountered by the technician.
LIGHTING OPERATOR Rigs and controls lights; sets up lighting equipment; works under direction of Lighting Designer.
SOUND DESIGNER Works with Director to create music and other sound cues.
SOUND OPERATOR Executes all sound-related aspects of show.
SET DESIGN In collaboration with the Director, designs the set or sets for the play, providing detailed drawings for the Set Construction crew and Set Décor crew.
SET DECOR Decorates set – including floor and wall coverings, furniture and all items that are not picked up by actors.
SET CONSTRUCTION LEADER Works with Set Designer, studies drawings, acquires materials, organizes work parties for the construction of the set.
SET CONSTRUCTION CREW Works in collaboration with Set Construction Leader to build and manufacture the set.
FRONT OF HOUSE COORDINATOR Responsible for the comfort and safety of the audience; purchases coffee supplies and snacks, schedules assistants for each evening, handles money etc.
FRONT OF HOUSE ASSISTANT Assists Front of House Co-ordinator; sells tickets and collects, serves coffee, assists patrons.
BAR MANAGER Responsible for purchasing supplies, license, setup and running of bar during Opening Night. Must have a “Serving it Right” Certificate.
ADVERTISING & PUBLICITY Co-ordinates the purchase of advertising through local media, as well as issuing press releases and encouraging free publicity.
ARCHIVING Records information from past and present productions for inclusion on website.
COORDINATOR OF VOLUNTEERS Creates and maintains database of volunteers.
FUND RAISING Works to gather monetary donations or gifts in kind from the public and local businesses, plan fundraising events.
GRANT WRITING Finds sources of grants and applying for them.
SPECIAL EVENT PLANNING Creates, manages and provides special events on behalf of the theatre or current production. These might include the September “Open House”, Fall Fair Parade, Galas.
WEBSITE COMMITTEE MEMBER Acts as a liaison between the public, executive and web designer; ensures that accurate and timely information is provided and looks for ongoing opportunities to increase the effectiveness of the website.
WORKSHOP COORDINATOR Co-ordinates logistical and financial aspects of workshop, arranging for leadership and/or resources.
PROGRAMME SALESPERSON Solicits local business to buy advertisements for inclusion in season’s programmes.