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Our Vision

To enrich the lives of community members through diverse and inspiring live entertainment and opportunities for creative dramatic experience.

Relaxed Performance

Shuswap Theatre is pleased to offer a relaxed performance of The Wizard of Oz on Sunday December 1st at 1.30 pm. A relaxed performance is intended for those individuals who would like to attend a live performance, but who would benefit from a more relaxed approach to audience noise and movement. This is a growing trend in North American theatres and we have developed our version after consultation with community partners specializing in supports and services to those we hope will benefit.

Anyone may attend a relaxed performance but those who gain the most benefit are often individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dementia, or who may have Sensory Disorders, and families with young children. (The minimum age for other performances of Oz is 4 years.) Although the performance itself does not change, there are small changes to audience expectations, the environment, and to the production. Changes may include:

  • The lobby doors may be opened early to allow for a more calm, casual entry to the building, as well as time to become familiar with exits and washrooms
  • Patrons who feel overwhelmed during the performance are welcome to come and go from the performance.
  • The expectation of complete silence and stillness in the auditorium will be relaxed to accommodate people for whom this is not realistic.
  • The designation of a relief space in the lobby for those who feel overwhelmed, or who would prefer to continue watching the performance via video stream.
  • Additional staff and a community support team to assist the diverse needs of our patrons.
  • The house lights in the theatre are adjusted so it is not as dark as usual.
  • Abrupt shifts in lights, sounds, and effects in the performance will be limited.
  • Modification or elimination of pyrotechnics.
  • A more relaxed intermission to avoid rushing patrons back to their seats.
  • Patrons will be able to tour the theatre prior to attending the performance, in order to become familiar with the building. The date and time of this tour will be confirmed soon. 

All the changes are made in consultation with the director and artistic staff to achieve the best experience possible for our patrons while maintaining the integrity of the show.

For those who prefer a Sunday matinee but do not wish to attend the relaxed performance, The Wizard of Oz will offer an extra Sunday matinee on December 8.

Read the letter emailed to Relaxed Performance Patrons. It has all the details.