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Our Vision

To enrich the lives of community members through diverse and inspiring live entertainment and opportunities for creative dramatic experience.

Policy Manual

The Shuswap Theatre Board maintains a Policy Manual to ensure the smooth and effective running of the theatre. This is always a work in progress. We also have a number of historic policies and job descriptions from our old Theatre Handbook. It is our intention to post all of these policies on this page so that the information is available to anyone working on a production. Some are still in draft form and have not yet been adopted. We include them anyway in the belief that it is better to have draft information than none at all. If the policy has been formally adopted then it will have the “Date Adopted” filled in. Some policies have the word “Historic” instead of a date, to indicate that the date of adoption is unknown. If the date is left blank then it is still in draft form.

Policy Manual Cover Page

0.0 Table of Contents (and numbering convention)

Ends (Vision, Mission, Goals)

1.1 Vision Statement

Governance Process

2.1.1 Email Voting

2.2 Responsibilities of Directors (i.e. Board Members)

2.3 Minutes

2.4 Agenda Planning Calendar

2.5 Nominations & Election of Board

2.7 Committees

2.8 Conflict Management


3.2 Signing Authority

3.7 Payment for Volunteer Work

General Operations

4.1.1 Building Manager Job Description

4.2.1 Technical Director (for the company)

4.11 Incorporation of New Members

4.12.1 Honorary Life Memberships

4.16.3 Building Rentals Manager Job Description

4.16.4 Costumes & Props Manager Job Description

Season Planning

5.1 Artistic Committee

Production Job Descriptions

6.1 Producer
      Resources for Producers (and others)

6.1.2 Administrative Producer

6.1.3 Technical Producer

6.1.4 Festival Producer

6.1.5 Post-production Producer’s Checklist

6.2 Director

6.2.1 Assistant Director

6.3 Stage Manager

6.3.1 Assistant Stage Manager

6.6 Actor

6.7 Set Designer

6.9 Set Decor

6.9.5 Properties

6.11 Lighting Designer

6.12 Lighting Operator

6.12.1 Lighting Operation Procedures

6.15 Makeup and Hair

6.16 Foyer Display

6.17 Photographer

6.20 Front of House

6.21 Bar Operator

Production Procedures

7.1 Expenses and Reimbursement


Shuswap Theatre Constitution & Bylaws, 2014