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Our Vision

To enrich the lives of community members through diverse and inspiring live entertainment and opportunities for creative dramatic experience.

Odd Jobs

Odd Jobs

By Frank Moher
Directed by Danielle Dunn-Morris
Nov 2–17, 2018

Tim is a Canadian assembly line cowboy smarting from having been laid off and replaced by a robotic arm. Mrs. Phipps is an elderly former mathematics professor for whom Tim offers to do odd jobs. And Ginette is Tim’s French-Canadian wife, whose determined self-improvement wins her a way out of the complaints department at Sears and into the higher-paying realm of systems analysis. Three good people whose needs intersect… yet diverge. with complex mathematical equations, Mrs. Phipps has spent a lifetime exploring the universe and the mysterious force (she calls it “goop”) that keeps it all from flying apart. Will these three lives fly apart or find the “goop” that will hold them together?

Odd Jobs is presented by special arrangement with Single Lane Entertainment.

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Santa's Zombie Apocalypse

Santa's Zombie Apocalypse

by Bradley Walton
Directed by Gloria Cox
December 6–16, 2018

When Santa is trapped by zombies (who have somehow gotten into the North Pole toy shop) two reindeer fawns are determined to save the day. But as they make their way through the toy shop encountering wayward zombies and stranded elves, they learn that saving the day is not as easy as it sounds. And it’s certainly not like any video game they’ve ever played. And why is that zombie eating a doll’s head?

This year Shuswap Theatre is establishing a new collaboration with Salmon Arm Senior Secondary.  Gloria Cox is a member of our Artistic Committee but also teaches two drama classes at the high school. Each class will produce its own edition of Santa’s Zombie Apocalypse and the two classes will perform them alternately during the run at Shuswap Theatre. This is a great way to offer a quality Christmas entertainment option for our community while building for the future through establishing connections with talented young people.

A must see for kids and families.

Produced by special arrangement with Theatrefolk (www.theatrefolk.com).

Cast & crew list with performance dates

Auditions for

Auditions for "Trying"

Monday, November 26th at 7:00 pm

Just as Odd Jobs is set to begin we’re already looking forward to our winter production Trying by Joanna McClelland Glass which opens February 22nd.  Director Kim MacMillan needs one male and one female actor.  The characters in this real life drama are:

  • Judge Frances Biddle, a cantankerous 82 year old in poor health and constant pain, a formerly brilliant legal mind who was Attorney General during the war and the chief American justice at the Nuremberg Tribunals.
  • Sarah Schorr, a 25 year old aspiring writer with “spine” (portraying the playwright) who has taken the job as Judge Biddle’s secretary.

The two find each other “trying”. 

If you would like to audition, please download and print the audition sheet and bring the completed form with you to the theatre. It is strongly advised, though not required, that you read the script before auditioning. Contact Kim MacMillan by email or phone (250-517-0309) for more information or a script.

Note: This audition was originally scheduled for November 25 but for patriotic reasons has been changed to avoid the Grey Cup game.