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Bah, Humbug! Cast & Crew

Posted on December 7, 2014 in General News

The Cast

Ebenezer Scrooge Jason Smeltzer
Miss Belle Bakewell Mike Nash
Jacob Marley Randy Brogden
Cadgit Nathan Zwicker
Beggit Nedine Scott
Ghost of Christmas Present Joy Peters
Ghost of Christmas Past Chloe Smeltzer
Ghost of Christmas Future Morgan Purser
Bob Cratchit Thom Wescott
Mr. Cratchit Monica Gignac
Tiny Tim Reese Ambler
Jim Cratchit Isabelle Cumming
Kim Cratchit TashaDrolet
Mr. Fezziwig Peter Budda
Mrs. Fezziwig Shelley Desautels
Policeman Jim Sipes
Orphans Zoe DesautelsAmber Drolet

Eva Giordano

Desmond Hoover

Reja Malysh

Nadia Raspberry

Townspeople Jessica AmblerChristine Nash

Ange Cumming

The Crew

Director Paul Kirkwood-Hackett
Producer James Bowlby
Musica Director Jaeden Izik-Dzurko
Stage Manager Lois Towgood
Assistant Stage Manager Diane Powell
Rehearsal Pianist Peter Blacklock
Photography Roger Beardmore
Foyer Christmas Display Vera Schreiber
Opening Night Judith Skelhorne
Props Teresa McKerralBea Kirkwood-Hackett
Costumes Ellen Gonella
Seamstresses Brenda GornerLorilee Schnell
Makeup Robin Sevigny
Programme James Bowlby
Posters Kari Wilkinson
Poster Distribution Cilla Budda
Publicity Michelle Weisinger
Sponsorships Joyce Henderson
Set Construction Randy Brogden (head)Alice Chin

Peter Molnar

Mike Nash

Set Design Darby McEachern-Corley
Set Painters Kim UnfrauTristan Fortez
Set Decor Teresa McKerral
Lighting Jake JacobsonJean Angers
Sound Kim MacMillanJulia Body
Front of House Susan MacMillan andPat Larmand

with a wonderful team of volunteers