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Troubleshooting Your Online Ticket Purchase

Having problems completing your online ticket order? Here are some helpful hints to get you going again.

What is TixHub?

TixHub is a Canadian company offering ticketing software and services to theatres and other entertainment organizations. When you are buying tickets online you are actually on the TixHub site though you may not realize it. Shuswap Theatre pays TixHub a fee for each ticket sold. You can return to our own website anytime by clicking the “Return to Home Page” button in the sidebar.

I don’t know if I have an account.

If you have bought Shuswap Theatre tickets online before under your own name (in the past four years) you should have an account. Your User ID will be your email address and you will have created a password. If you bought tickets at Wild Craft Mercantile or at the theatre itself you may or may not have an account. When we are busy we sell tickets anonymously to save time and in that case you won’t have an account. If you are subscribed to The Prompter, our e-newsletter, then you will have an account but you may not have ever known your password.

I don’t know my password.

No problem. When you are prompted to log in, just click on “Reset my password.”  You will prompted to enter your email address and, if TixHub recognizes it, they will send you an email with a link to reset your password. 

TixHub won’t accept my email address.

If TixHub can’t find your email address in their system, and if you have more than one email address, then try a different one. If TixHub still does not recognize your password, then you will need to click the “Sign-up now” button (see above). Then complete the form that appears. Fields with an * are required. The rest is optional though it is helpful for us to have that information in case we have to solve a problem with your purchase. We do not share your personal data with anyone. We hope you will click the button marked “Keep me up to date about news and upcoming events” so that you won’t miss any of our exciting events. But, of course, it’s up to you. It’s easy to unsubscribe if you change your mind.

I put some seats in my shopping cart and now I can’t get them back.

This usually happens when you run into a problem logging in and then you find that the tickets you already had selected are no longer available. While there is a slight chance that someone snapped them up when you weren’t looking, it is much more likely that the system is still holding them for you. If you are logged in, click on the View Shopping Cart button in the sidebar on the left (see below).  

When you put tickets in your cart and don’t complete your purchase, the system holds them for you for 25 minutes before releasing them. So, if you can’t seem to get them back, just wait a half hour and try again. They will almost certainly be available. Or, if you would be happy with different seats, then put those new seats in your cart. When you go to Check out you will see whether your original tickets are still there. If so, just remove the ones you don’t want before checking out.

The system won’t accept my credit card.

There’s not a lot we can do about that. Try re-entering your number and other information. If you have a second card, then try that one. It usually turns out that there is some good reason why it’s not being accepted. You may have to call your credit card company to see if there is an issue. If necessary you may have to drop into our downtown ticket agent, Wild Craft Mercantile, in the old Blue Canoe building and pay in cash or with a cheque. If it is not realistic to do that (due to geography or disability, for example) you may call or email our Ticketing Manager, Kim MacMillan  at (250) 832-4094 at home. Like all of us, he is a volunteer, and you may have to leave a voicemail message. 

Why won’t it let me buy just one ticket?

You can buy just one ticket. However, the system is designed so that  purchase that leaves only one empty seat beside it is not allowed. This can be a pain if there are only a few tickets left for a performance. Our ticket agent can override this requirement if needed so you may need to visit them for your purchase.

Best Practices

Log in Before You Start

The process seems to go best if you click the Login button at the top right of your screen before you go looking for tickets. That reduces your chances of losing track of your tickets if the login doesn’t go smoothly. However, you can log in either at the beginning or when prompted just before checkout. 

Choose Email as Your Method of Delivery and Print Your Tickets at Home

While you are free to choose Pick up at Door, it saves time on show night if you have your tickets already printed and don’t have to line up to collect them. When you get your emailed purchase confirmation, scroll down to find your tickets attached to that email. Alternatively, there is a small Printer icon in the email that you can click to download them again. You can print them on paper or bring them on your phone. Your purchase confirmation is NOT your ticket. Each ticket has it’s own QR Code that the Box Office volunteers will scan when you enter the theatre. You can also store your tickets on your smart phone and bring that to the theatre.