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Voice Workshop Resources

Posted on February 12, 2016 in General News, Member News

Brad Gibson’s Voice Workshop in mid January was a great success. It was a very physical process in which we paid as much attention to where the voice was coming from in our bodies as to the voice itself. Brad and his partner Tanya introduced us to many resources including this Vocal Hygiene handout. Vocal hygiene is a set of habits and practices that helps us keep our voices healthy and strong. Our vocal folds (which most of us grew up calling “vocal chords”) are tiny and fragile. Actors and anyone else who needs to use their voices to make a living need to take good care of the instrument.

Brad and Tanya were delighted at the end of the workshop when James Bowlby presented them with two of our Shuswap Theatre Hoodies.

Brad Gibson and Tanya Elchuk