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Accolades for “Trying”

Posted on March 3, 2019 in General News

Patrons who have provided email addresses now receive a reminder the day before their performance and afterward receive an invitation to give feedback.  Here is what people are saying about Trying.

Average Rating (as of Mar 3)         4.9 Stars

The acting was superb; the play moved along; the changes of scenery were done seamlessly; the acoustics were perfect – clear and loud enough…

This was my second time and I loved it even more the second time! Exceptional acting! Brilliant array of emotions evoked in this play! Phenomenal! Brilliant! Couldn’t be better!

Excellent cast , well rehearsed, beautiful set design and props, costumes were perfect.

Great story, great acting, great character development, great set–it was absolutely riveting!

I loved the script, the pace, the diction of both actors, the set, the music. The whole package was excellent, and it engaged the audience every moment.

Everything! From the set to the script to the acting. Absolutely nailed it! I had tears in my eyes at the end.

The acting was phenomenal.  We like that the play was based on a true story.

So believable!! Loved the humour and the fact it was something we could all relate to!! Acting was amazing! I have been attending for 4 years and this is my favourite by far!! Excellent!!

The play is extremely well written, drawing the audience in from the opening scene.  Both cast members personified their rolls allowing the audience to experience a range of emotions, from warm compassion to a reminder that we all will face mortality one day.

Actors were both exceptional! Impressive work to learn all those lines!?!? WOW!!! Emotions felt were a rollercoaster from hilariously funny to sensitively touching & heart-wrenchingly sad. Fantastic performance! Highly recommend it!

Judge Biddle’s acting was outstanding!!!  His lines and movements were so well executed. Bravo!

The set was amazing!  The female lead was exceptional. Very realistic, natural and believable.

Only three performances left.  Get your tickets now!