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Wizard of Oz – Call for Musicians

Posted on May 4, 2019 in General News, Member News

Shuswap Theatre is thrilled to be presenting The Wizard of Oz in November 2019. The production will be directed by professional director James Fagan Tait, who has many years of experience directing professional and community productions and has spent many years performing at the Caravan Farm Theatre. While not technically a musical, there are several songs in the show. 

Jimmy Tait

This performance will feature 4-6 musicians accompanying the actors onstage.

Are you interested in being part of our onstage band? Shuswap Theatre would like to hear from you! Email her and tell her what instrument you play, and your experience. Ask any questions you have. We will contact interested musicians and take it from there.

The Commitment:

Musical rehearsals will start in October and will run through to Nov 21 2019. There may be a couple of rehearsals per week initially, and then up to 4 per week (including one weekend rehearsal) as we get closer to performance. A more detailed rehearsal schedule will be available soon. Although we do our best to accommodate people’s schedules, the reality is that you must be able to make this production your priority, especially as we get closer to opening.

Tech weekend (you MUST be available for the whole day): Nov 17 2019

Performance Dates: (you must be available for ALL performances)

  • Friday – Sunday, Nov 22/23/24 (matinee)
  • Thursday – Sunday, Nov 28, 29, 30, Dec 1 (matinee)
  • Thursday – Sunday, Deb 5/6/7/8 (matinee).