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Candidates for Board of Directors

Posted on September 19, 2017 in Member News

An important part of our Annual General Meeting, September 25th at 7:00 pm, is the election of our Board of Directors. These members will guide the operations and set future direction for Shuswap Theatre so their role is important. The deadline for new nominations has past so here, in alphabetical order, are brief bios of each of our candidates:

Sherry Bowlby has been involved with Shuswap Theatre since sitting in the gym at J.L. Jackson Jr High to watch Fiddler on the Roof way back when, and a few plays at Tappen prior to the grand move into our present location. Since then she has been involved as audience for most shows, painter, dress maker, stage manger, lighting and sound operator, actor, Board Member and treasurer. She continues to be delighted by the magic we can create in our modest venue with our very modest budget, and would be delighted to help make that possible for another term.

Monica Gignac was appointed to the Board in 2016. Her first production with Shuswap Theatre was as Assistant Stage Manager with the production of The Odd Couple. A good organizer, she has since worked behind the scenes and on stage during a number of shows. She looks forward to working on the Board to help make 2017/2018 a fantastic season.

Bea Kirkwood-Hackett has been on the Shuswap Theatre Board of Directors for three years. She would like to be part of the Board for the 2017/18 year to work with and support the folks who make this theatre thrive. She is producing the February/March production, Opening Night, and wants to participate more with future productions. She notes that there is a lot of work involved in putting on a show and that more people are needed than those on the stage. She thinks that it is important theatre members be encouraged to get involved.

Kim MacMillan is a thirty-nine year member of Shuswap Theatre who has served on the Board for the past nine years as a director, vice president and president. Besides a passion for excellent theatre his professional background in the Applied Behavioural Sciences gives him an understanding of effective leadership and knowledge that makes for a healthy and dynamic organization. He believes that “good enough” is never good enough and that we should strive for constant improvement both artistically and in terms of our human and physical capabilities. He also believes
we should never stop trying to make Shuswap Theatre a welcoming, friendly place that people will love to come to.

Hamilton McClymont Following studies in theatre and history at Dalhousie University, Hammy toured Canada with the University Centennial Players and Nova Scotia with the Neptune Theatre in 1967. He joined the staff of the not-yet-open St Lawrence Centre for the Arts (Toronto) in 1969 and spent the next 45 years in performing arts and exhibition management and consulting. He returned to the stage in 2015 for a remount of Death the Musical at the Chester (Nova Scotia) Playhouse, and shortly thereafter moved to Salmon Arm. With the Shuswap Theatre Society, he has participated in a staged reading of James Bowlby’s new play Mary, Mary, and played George Banks in the company’s successful production of Mary Poppins. This past season he also helped with publicity on Stereotype High and the OZone Festival, and served as a director and secretary. Hammy hopes to continue to work with Shuswap Theatre in the year ahead.

Peter Molnar has been a member of Shuswap Theatre for the past decade or so. He has often appeared on the stage and is usually a member of the set building crew. His perspective, from both onstage and off stage experience, will add to the Board’s ability to understand the challenges around productions. Before retirement Peter headed a social work team which required leadership, quick thinking and problem solving skills as well as people skills. His experience serving on other nonprofit boards will benefit Shuswap Theatre.

Kathy Moore has been a director of Shuswap Theatre for the past two years, president for the last one. She loves the theatre and everything that goes into it. She especially enjoys producing and has produced several shows. She shares her enthusiasm with others and is a real advocate for Shuswap Theatre.

Tracy Nash became involved with Shuswap Theatre through a friend over 20 years ago. What amazed her was the gratefulness of all involved when all their hard work paid off and led to a successful production. Tracy always finds it a joy to see how theatre magic brings it all together for opening night. All the people involved – friends, neighbours, coworkers – transform themselves and the theatre for the performance. In the past Tracy has been a board member and has served as President. Tracy is not an actor or a director of plays but loves live theatre and wants to see it continue in our community.

Paula Shields has always been interested in live theatre so when she moved to Salmon Arm in 2014 she immediately started volunteering at Shuswap Theatre. Since then she has been a producer, has worked on publicity and the volunteer committee, phoning new members. She did a great job as treasurer for the OZone drama festival in May. A volunteer for the City of Burnaby since 2004, she continues long distance phoning mobility challenged seniors to get their grocery orders, then passing that information on to a volunteer there who does the shopping. Locally, she volunteers with Voice of the Shuswap radio, narrating e-books and is currently doing a documentary on Sally Scales. She works for the Shuswap Community Foundation. Paula loves theatre and community projects.