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What is Improv?

Improv stands for improvisation. Improv theatre is based upon a wide variety of games and exercises in which the actors must make it up as they go along. A group might be given, for example, a series of elements (say a comb, a nut cracker and a volleyball net) that must be incorporated in a story. They then act it out spontaneously with no planning. The actors have to think on their feet and respond appropriately to what the others are doing and saying. Improv is great fun to do and hilarious to watch.

Laughter is indeed, the best medicine!

Next show Saturday, June 21, 7:3opm

Laughing Gas ImprovShuswap Theatre’s performing improv group, Laughing Gas, has regular (closed) practices twice month. The performing group is working on a program where others can join in on occasion – stay tuned! and if you are interested in hiring entertainment for your special event, please contact us – we’re cheap and funny and proceeds go back into keeping our program running.

For more information about our Improv program, please contact Julia Body at 250-833-1496 or email Julia.




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