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Seeking Models for Photoshoot

Posted on March 10, 2021 in General News, Member News

Brian left a phone message at the theatre with a request. Here is his explanation.

A Message from Brian Mohr

Before this Covid situation, I had given lighting presentations to fellow members at Shuswap Photo Arts Club meetings. Since then, a couple of photographers have purchased mobile lighting equipment and are eager to put their new tools to use. The opportunity to share about photography always excites me so I’ve volunteered to help again. 

So we are planning an outdoor photo shoot, possibly at two different locations and, depending on ambient light, could involve the better part of a day. We are looking for any willing people to model. If they are naturals or have posing experience, all the better but not imperative. Families, couples or singles wanting updated photos are more than welcome to participate.

After it is determined who all will be involved, a schedule will be established and posted.  Whether it be models for portfolio building or others as mentioned, we would offer free prints and shareable digital files as appreciation for their participation.

Safety precautions and protocol will be followed for the comfort of all involved. The whole idea is to learn something new and to have a fun day. 

Please feel free to put this out there to all who may be interested.

If you are interested or would like more information send me an email or text or call me at 604-866-9707. My website is www.ownthemomentphotography.com