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Relaxed Performance of “The Secret Garden”

Posted on September 24, 2022 in General News

Shuswap Theatre is pleased to again be offering a special relaxed performance of The Secret Garden on Sunday, November 27th at 1:30pm.

A relaxed performance is one where the environment is modified to meet the needs of those with special needs who would benefit from a more relaxed approach to audience noise and movement.

Row A is available for patrons with wheelchairs or walkers and their companions. Row A seats can only be purchased from our Ticket Agent (Wild Craft Mercantile) or at the door (if available). Row A seats will be sold to able bodied patrons if all others are sold out.

The Secret Garden is long (2 ½) hours) and generally suitable for children about ten or older. Anyone may attend this relaxed performance but those who gain the most benefit are often individuals:

  • On the Autism spectrum
  • With dementia
  • With sensory disorders

Although the performance itself is little changed, there are small changes to audience expectations, the environment, and to the production. Changes and other notes for this performance include:

  • The lobby doors may be opened early to allow for a more calm, casual entry to the theatre, as well as time to become familiar with exits and washrooms.
  • The expectation of complete silence in the auditorium is relaxed to accommodate people for whom this is not realistic.
  • A relief space in the lobby with a live video feed of the performance is provided for those who feel overwhelmed in the theatre.
  • Additional staff will be provided to assist with diverse needs.
  • House lights will be adjusted so it is never completely dark.
  • Some loud sounds will be reduced slightly.
  • The use of Haze will occur
  • There will be flashing lights (not strobe) along with sound to resemble thunder. We are working on getting details on when exactly this will happen in the show to you as soon as possible.
  • We are happy to offer a copy of the script to read ahead of time, upon request.
  • You may find it helpful to read the book, The Secret Garden, ahead of time. You can download it here at no cost. 
  • One scene depicts a syringe being used forcefully. 
  • There is the use of language that was common in 1906 (when the story takes place) around illness and disability that is not used today.
  • All the changes are made in consultation with the director and artistic staff to achieve the best experience possible for our patrons while maintaining the integrity of the show.

Relaxed performance tickets may be purchased by anyone, but if you prefer the more conventional theatre experience, you are advised to choose a different performance. 

If you are a season subscriber for the 2nd Sunday of  The Secret Garden, you will be able to exchange your ticket for a different performance at no extra cost.