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Cast of “Theatre of Thrills”

Posted on October 20, 2020 in General News

Elias Cox, 18, is a senior at Salmon Arm secondary. Involved in theatre since Grade 1, being on stage has always been a passion for Eli. Past productions include The Comic Book Artist, Yearbook, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and more. He doesn’t pay taxes.

Glitter Esquivias is THRILLED to be a part of the upcoming Theatre of Thrills production! Glitter has previously been a part of numerous productions on stage and off stage. Recently she appeared as Mom in Walk About Theatre and Willima Cleanyou in Murder at Aunt Agatha’s. She is also a fan of improv! She’s eager to broaden her horizons even more as she ventures more into the whimsical world of acting!

Jayme Saretzky is a local theatre enthusiast that lives in a basement. Has a knack for scaring children. Enjoys crackling in her free time.

For just over the past year, Lamara Christie has been a Front of House volunteer for Shuswap Theatre and is ecstatic to instead be participating onstage. Lamara is still relatively new to acting, but has loved participating in a few productions. Recently she was Viola in Comic Book Artist, Amy Hamilton and Mrs. Pryor in Yearbook, and Rose Bloom in Murder at Aunt Agatha’s. When in school, she enjoys attending improv clubs with her friends and exploring new acting techniques in drama class. She is thrilled to be back onstage and hopes that this is a sign of more fun performances in the future.

Ava Turner is a relatively new, dorky-at-theatre fanatic, but enjoys every second of it! She also enjoys deafening the audience by screaming her lines.

Josh Huyter loves the theatre. He’s watched tons of movies in it. He also accidentally wanders across the street on occasion and happens to get himself roles in Shuswap theatre projects. He doesn’t know how, but it happens. Josh’s most recognizable role is Sam Club, in the SAS Jackson play Murder at Aunt Agatha’s where he got to yell at his friends for extra school credits.

Griffin Dante Webber has performed in numerous plays such as Romeo and Juliet, The Wizard of Oz, and Mary Poppins. He loves sports, drama, and hanging out with his friends.

Kenna Turner has been in two plays before and is very enthusiastic about theatre. She has been interested in theatre since grade four. She has been to many of the shows here at Shuswap Theatre but this is the first one she has been in. 

Marcus Delaney is ecstatic to be in Shuswap Theatre’s, Theatre of Thrills. Some of his notable roles include Star Guy from Comic Book Artist, Mr. Earl from The Murder At Aunt Agatha’s, and Toto from last year’s production of Wizard of Oz. Marcus enjoys playing every saxophone he comes across (not to toot any horns) as well as singing and of course acting. He thoroughly enjoys having the opportunity to once again share the stage with his peers.

Caleb Cox is a graduate of Salmon Arm Secondary and a thespian extraordinaire. You may recognize him from his past Shuswap Theatre performances as James in Walk About Theatre’s Pay Phone, and Herring in Santa’s Zombie Apocalypse. Caleb has also been determined to be the World’s Strongest Man, according to the Kazmair vs Wooten court case.

Trinity Blacklock is a senior at Salmon Arm Secondary. She has been in multiple theatre productions, both in and out of school. When she isn’t acting Trinity is coaching for the Salmon Arm Sockeyes Swim Club or writing her novel.

Summer (Emily) Hazelwood is an artist, makeup artist, and actress. She loves the arts and is so excited to be in this play! She’s been in a few productions but one she’s most proud of is CDG Lion King, which was put on Youtube and viewed thousands of times. Most recently she was Mrs. Earl in Murder at Aunt Agatha’s.