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Our Vision

Community enrichment • Diverse and inspiring live entertainment • opportunities for creative dramatic experience

Children and Live Theatre

For live theatre to be engaging and rewarding, an atmosphere free of unnecessary distractions is essential for both audience and cast. Young children may have a hard time maintaining that

  • No babes in arms.
  • Every person requires a ticket and a seat.
  • The minimum age to attend a performance is five years unless otherwise specified in the publicity for the show. Check our website for the exceptions. (This is a minimum and does not necessarily imply the play is suitable for children. Parental discretion is needed.)
  • Children over the minimum age should be able to sit quietly without pushing or kicking the seat back in front of them.
  • Fire regulations do not allow strollers or other equipment in the aisles.
  • For some child friendly shows we are able to provide a limited number of booster seats to help your child see the action better.
  • If children are disrupting the experience of other patrons, please remove them from the theatre. On re-entry ushers may seat you near the exit.

On occasion we may offer a Relaxed Performance so that people with special needs which cause them to have trouble with the normal sensory environment of live theatre, may enjoy the show. For some of these, bringing younger children may be appropriate. Check the details for the individual production.