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Wrong for Each Other

by Norm Foster

Produced under special arrangement with Gary Goddard Agency

Directed by Kim MacMillan

Produced by Susan MacMillan






Director’s Notes

How does one choose a good play for the end of winter? You know, the time when all but the skiers are longing for the return of the warm days and first crocuses. Such a play should provide a lift for the spirits, something to feel good about.  For me that means a tender story about real people, and preferably with plenty of humour.

That is what attracted me to Norm Foster’s Wrong for Each Other. Foster is one of Canada’s best loved playwrights. You can count on him for witty dialogue. But I’m not interested in presenting a play that is only for laughs. I also want a good dramatic story line with characters I recognizes, working out life issues that I can relate to. Wrong for Each Other has it all. Rudy and NOrah are likable characters who really care about each other. But just as we all do, they hurt each other sometimes. You know the dance we do when we want to get close to someone but we fear getting too close too fast. So we go two steps forward and one step black. Sometimes we run away completely. It’s all about finding love and releasing in each other the freedom to live hide to the full. 

It has been a joy working with Stephen Hiscock and Kate Hunter, two serous, hard working and talented actors. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have. My thanks also to a very capable crew. So sit back, relax and soak it up. Tell your friends.


Character Played by
Norah Case Kaitlan Hunter
Rudy Sorensen Stephen Hiscock


Department Crew
Mentor to the Director

Sarah Mclean

Stage Manager Teresa Mckerral
Set Design Donna Good, mentored by Lois Archer-Duell
Set Construction John MacVicar, with Thom Wescott, Ken Finlayson, Kate Fulton, Beth Savage, Randy Brogden, Cathy Lake
Set Decor Donna Good, with Kalene Bourque, Grace Birch, Sue Simmonds, Sierra Simmonds, Rob Savage
Props John Schrieber
Costumes Pamela Dettwiler
Lighting Design Hollie Miller & Jim Clayton
Lighting Operator Hollie Miller
Sound Design Adrian Magill
Sound Operator Randy Brogden with Jake Jacobson
Hair Allan Marchand
Makeup Ellen Gonella
Publicity Monica Kriese
Photography Alexis Verma
Poster Lisa Bennett
Ticket Coordinator Karen Sansom
Foyer Display Cathy Lake
Programme Lisa Bennett
Poster Distribution Cilla Budda
Front of House Sheila Dunbar
Opening Night Joan Dick
Bar Monica Kriese and many dedicated theatre volunteers

Production Photos