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Theatre on the Edge Artist Information & Application – OLD

Welcome to Theatre on the Edge (TotE), Shuswap Theatre’s annual summer theatre festival. We’re glad that you want to be a part of it! Theatre on the Edge is scheduled for July 117-19, 2020 at Shuswap Theatre in Salmon Arm. All plays are presented at our black box theatre at 41 Hudson Ave NW.

Please read this application form carefully and take note of deadlines in bold type.

Two Step Application Process

Step One: Application fee is $100, due with your completed application below. Your application is considered complete upon receipt of payment.

  • Deadline for the RECEIPT of applications (including the fee) is _____, 2020. Submission methods are detailed below.
  • Acceptance into the TotE festival will be decided by the TotE Planning Team who will notify artists and groups of the results by ______, 2020.

Step Two: Successful applicants will need to confirm their participation in the festival with a Registration fee of $100 due by ______, 2020. All applicants who are not scheduled into the festival will have their $100 Registration fee refunded after March 29, 2019.

  • If the registration fee is not received by the ______ deadline, the applicant will forfeit their spot in the TOTE festival along with their application fee.

Venue and Technical Information

Agreement between Theatre on the Edge and Performing Artists/Groups  [Part 1]

Paying and Playing

Performing artists/groups will receive 80% of net box office sales (after ticket agent and credit card processing fees). The artist/group’s share of net box office sales will be paid by cheque to the designated contact listed on this contract, disbursed not later than August 6, 2019.

Performances will be programmed to begin from late morning till about 9 pm. Each performance must run under 60 minutes. This 60 minute maximum is very important, as performances are scheduled at two hour intervals and the festival requires a full 60 minutes to strike one show and set up the next. Each programmed artist/group is guaranteed a minimum of two time slots, at different times of day. Scheduling will be determined by TotE.


Shuswap Theatre is a fully functional 149 seat theatre with a lobby and small backstage dressing room. TotE will provide stage crew, lighting and sound technicians. The venue/stage manager will contact programmed artist/groups to discuss technical needs in advance of the festival and to provide technical specifications/stage floor plan as needed. A 90 minute technical rehearsal will be scheduled for each artist/group in the week preceding the festival. There will be an audit of theatre resources following each show. Artists/groups will be responsible for any losses or damages that result from their actions.

Included with TotE Marketing and Publicity will be a listing of your production and related performance information on the Shuswap Theatre website, and in the Festival Guide and Programme. TotE is responsible for general advertising of the Festival, along with related expenses for marketing and box office sales. TotE requires your publicity materials well in advance, e.g. show description/teaser, images and bios. We will communicate deadlines and specific requirements after participation is confirmed.

Box Office

The Shuswap Theatre house capacity is 149. Sales for last year’s festival averaged 85 seats per performance, and houses ranged from 45 to 148. All performing groups earned more than their registration fees. Ticket prices for 2019 have increased from $10 to $12 per show with attractive discounts for packages. The average paid to artists after the festival was $838 and ranged from $530 to $1,780.

Tickets for all shows are festival seating only. Online ticket sales are at shuswaptheatre.com. Our retail sales outlet in Salmon Arm is  Intwined Fibre Arts, 161 Hudson Ave NE. Tickets and packages are available at the door.

Each group/artist may designate up to 5 complimentary tickets to each performance. A list of complimentary ticket recipients, must be submitted to TotE the day prior to each performance. TotE may designate additional complimentary tickets to your performances for use by festival volunteers, staff, media, sponsors, etc.


TotE or its authorized representatives may wish to take photographs, video, audio or other recordings which may capture the artist or group’s name, image and likeness (images), either individually or as part of a group. The artist/group acknowledges that the TotE may use such images, both internally and externally, for administrative purposes and/or for purposes associated with, but not limited to, the marketing, promotion and hosting of the TotE Festival in the current and succeeding years.

The Artist guarantees that all applicable contracts and contractual obligations that may be required by professional associations, unions and holders of copyrights for the performances have been duly adhered to and are in place as required. All payments required under such contracts will be made by, and are the sole responsibility of, the Applicant.

The Artist assumes sole responsibility for any and all contractual obligations related to their production under this application, and for ensuring that the artistic content of the production abides by the laws of British Columbia and Canada. The Applicant holds TotE blameless and accepts full liability for any claims arising from these responsibilities.

At the Festival

TotE will make every effort to assist touring artists with accommodation needs but there is no guarantee of accommodations. Please let us know as soon as possible if you require billeting; so far we have always been able to find billeting for those who need it. However, artists or groups are ultimately responsible for securing accommodations.

A map of our location, along with other information, is available at shuswaptheatre.com. Please contact us with any questions at totefestival@gmail.com.

Application is complete with:

  1. the Application Form (below), completed and submitted, and
  2. receipt of the $100 Application Fee.

The application form below constitutes Part 2 of your agreement with Theatre on the Edge.

Upon submission a copy of your completed form will automatically be emailed to you.