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Our Vision

To enrich the lives of community members through diverse and inspiring live entertainment and opportunities for creative dramatic experience.

Seniors’ Ticket Pricing

Starting in the 2021-22 season we have eliminated the seniors’ pricing for our shows. Here’s why:

  • Given our current revenue and expenses a modest price increase seemed warranted.
  • We noted that few community theatres offer separate seniors’ pricing.
  • In our experience (many of us being seniors ourselves) we thought that in terms of the makeup of our audience, seniors often have more disposable income for entertainment than younger families with kids, given that they have the added expense of babysitting for an evening out. This is a demographic that we want to encourage.
  • The administration of ticket sales is much simpler with most tickets being one price.

So, rather than make an across the board increase, we decided to eliminate the seniors’ pricing altogether.

Remember that for those on a more limited income, Thursdays are Pay What You Can. No advance sales, pay in cash at the door (just put it in the jar).