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Summary of November Board Meeting

Posted on November 23, 2013 in General News

In an effort to improve communication between the Board and the Theatre Membership, the Board intends to resume our practice of publishing a summary of our deliberations and decisions after each monthly meeting. Here is the one for November.

Board Meeting, Nov 20. 2013

Joyce Jackson, our new Bookkeeper was introduced. She is actually a retired Chartered Accountant. She and Glenda Marchand will share the financial duties. Members will deal primarily with Glenda who will receive requisitions, make sure they are approved and directed to the appropriate accounts. Joyce will keep the books and provide financial statements and analysis as required. Welcome aboard, Joyce!

The Building committee has been approached by a group who would like to build a privately owned convention/theatre building. A detailed discussion created a list of the requirements we would need in order for the project to meet our needs. The Building Committee will then enter into discussions with the new group.

85 season tickets were purchased this fall, an increase of 1 over last year.

Little Shop of Horrors has been playing to sold out houses and enthusiastic audiences. Accolades to Julia Body, the cast and the countless numbers of volunteers who have created such a successful production.

Requirements by our insurance carrier regarding the need for a clear electrical room and upstairs hallway have been met.

The theatre has received $1,000 from the Salmar Community Association to pigeon proof (enclose) the awning above the theatre doors. $1,800 has been received from the Shuswap Community Foundation to buy equipment necessary to allow visual and auditory communication between the kitchen, dressing room and scene shop.

Motions passed: From the monies donated in memory of Allan Marchand , to purchase a Yamaha MG24- 4C sound console ($575) to supplement our current sound system for  and a sliding compound mitre saw for up to $300.

We agreed to apply for a $2,500 grant from the City of Salmon Arm to further upgrade our sound equipment including wired and wireless microphones, cables and powered speakers. [Note: the purpose of this grant was changed at the December meeting. Watch for that summary.]

Cilla Budda is recovering from surgery. Our thanks to Kalene Bourque who will assume her duties in the interim.

There was discussion on how to increase the use of the theatre by musical groups. Investing in new sound equipment and being clearer about when the theatre is available for use were two suggestions. There was also discussion on how to increase costume rentals.

For the upcoming production of Distracted, Randy Brogden and Peter Molnar will share the Technical Producer’s job. An Administrative Producer is still needed.

There was discussion on how to make the theatre more energy efficient. Jake has compiled a list. Monica will contact BC Hydro and Fortis regarding an energy audit and possible sources of funding for upgrading.

Next meeting is Dec 19 at 7.00