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Member Feedback from the AGM

Posted on February 26, 2014 in General News

At the 2013 AGM, consultant Michelle Ambrose led the members through a small group exercise to provide feedback about our theatre operations and culture. This is a brief summary of the results. To read the detailed results along with information on what the Board is doing about them, click hereThe document also contains the names of contact people involved in each area.

Question One: What is Shuswap Theatre doing well and should KEEP doing?

  • The selection and quality of shows
  • Success in bringing in and nurturing new members
  • Use of new technologies (e.g. the website, PayPal, Facebook and our production capabilities with new sound equipment)
  • Peter Blacklock’s very successful Seniors’ Theatre
  • Praise for our dedicated and talented volunteers
  • The work toward a new building
  • Our established place in the community
  • The general running of the company

Question Two: In order to achieve our vision, what should we START doing?

  • Embracing and engaging new members more effectively
  • Doing more outreach into the community and schools, and trying new ideas
  • More advertising and marketing, use of social media
  • Appealing to younger audiences and engaging children and youth in theatre
  • Embracing diversity in terms of different audiences and linking with other artistic attractions
  • Doing more training and mentoring to build capacity and incorporate new members
  • Acquiring a new theatre building
  • Communicating better with and among members
  • More cooperation and collaboration
  • A Christmas pantomime

The board has been working on many of the suggestions contained in the data. Please refer to the longer report for details of what has been and is being done. Your comments to the board are always welcome. Members are reminded that our Board meetings are open to any member, with the rare exception of in camera meetings on sensitive subjects.

Contact our President, Joyce Henderson. Phone her at 250-832-4127 or send her an email.