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Changes to Our Seating Plan

Posted on August 28, 2018 in General News

Since the completion of our Comfy Bottoms program in July 2018, you will notice some changes to our seating plan (see the new chart below).

  1. The rows have been renumbered A to K, instead of B to L.  We removed the original Row A many years ago  and it was confusing to have the first row labeled B.  So we’ve fixed that.
  2. Row A is still made up of removable chairs so as to be wheelchair accessible. We remove two chairs for every wheelchair/scooter. For this reason we don’t sell Row A online but ask you to purchase at Intwined Fibre Arts (recommended) or at the door. 
  3. The two seats closest to each aisle in Rows B and C are good for people with walkers if they can handle one or two steps. Use Row A for no steps.
  4. The back row, K, now has an extra two inches of leg room for our long legged patrons.
  5. All seats are now a uniform 22 inches wide (previously anywhere between 18 1/2 and 22).
  6. The staggering of rows is now uniform for better sight lines.
  7. Our overall capacity has been reduced from 154 to 149. (Quantity is down but quality is way up!)