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Posted on September 26, 2013 in General News

Annual General Meeting, 2013

There was plenty to talk about at the September 24th, AGM this year. A larger than usual crowd of  53 members made their way to the theatre. Here are some of the highlights:

  • A resolution was adopted to increase the number of directors on the Board from nine to ten. This was in recognition of the increasing complexity of board work, meaning increasing demands on Board members, and the need for them to take on additional duties beyond attending meetings.
  • The annual reports of each committee were adopted by a single motion after which committee heads were given an opportunity to speak to their own reports if they wished. Members who were not at the meeting may receive a copy of the Annual Report on request.
  • A new board was elected  with a good representation of new and old faces (I hasten to clarify that I mean old, in the sense of being on the board last year). They are, in alphabetical order:
    • Julia Body
    • Sherry Bowlby
    • John Coulson
    • Shannon Hecker
    • Joyce Henderson
    • Kim MacMillan
    • Glenda Marchand
    • Althea Mongerson
    • Judith Skelhorne
    • Marcus Smith
  • A major portion of time was occupied with a process led by our consultant, Michelle Ambrose, who has been doing focus groups with our own members and with audience members. She led a Board retreat in the spring to help us learn from the focus groups and to formulate our own vision for the future of Shuswap Theatre. On Tuesday night her focus was on improving the culture of the theatre. She divided the meeting into groups of five, each of which was asked to answer two questions:
    1. In order to achieve our vision, what is Shuswap Theatre currently doing well and should KEEP doing?
    2. In order to achieve our vision, what should the Shuswap Theatre START doing?

Each group was given the opportunity to share one answer for each question. All the answers will be collated into one list. Watch this news feed for the complete results in the next couple of days. The results will provide fodder for the new Board to chew on as it develops priorities for the coming year.

Our deep gratitude goes to Michele who, out of her love of theatre, has offered us her considerable knowledge and expertise as a free gift to Shuswap Theatre.

Here are some previous news items that outline what the Board has already done with Michelle’s help and material: