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Relaxed Performance of “The Coyotes’ Christmas”

Shuswap Theatre is excited to again be offering a special relaxed performance of The Coyotes’ Christmas on December 18th at 1:30pm.

A relaxed performance is one where the environment is modified to meet the needs of those who would like to attend a live performance, but who would benefit from a more relaxed approach to audience noise and movement.

It is important to note that we are still bound by Provincial Covid Regulations, which means that this relaxed performance will look different from the last one we offered. Those changes include:

  • Minimum age is 5 years old.
  • House will be at 50% capacity (75 seats).
  • All patrons are required to wear a mask at all times while in Shuswap Theatre.
  • All patrons over 12 years old must provide proof of full vaccination.
  • We encourage everyone to stay in their seats once seated, but if overwhelmed during the performance, you are welcome to get up as needed.
  • The show will be live streamed to a TV screen in the lobby in case someone needs to leave but would still like to watch the show.
  • There will be no intermission as the show is under an hour.

Row A is only available for patrons with wheelchairs or walkers. Row A seats can only be purchased from our Ticket Agent (Wild Craft Mercantile) or at the door (if available).

Anyone over 5 years old may attend this relaxed performance but those who gain the most benefit are often individuals:

  • On the Autism spectrum
  • With dementia
  • With sensory Disorders
  • Who are families with young children

Although the performance itself does not change, there are small changes to audience expectations, the environment, and to the production. Changes may include:

  • The lobby doors may be opened early to allow for a more calm, casual entry to the theatre, as well as time to become familiar with exits and washrooms.
  • The expectation of complete silence in the auditorium will be relaxed to accommodate people for whom this is not realistic.
  • The designation of a relief space in the lobby for those who feel overwhelmed, or who would prefer to continue watching the performance in the lobby via video stream.
  • Additional staff and a community support team to assist the diverse needs of our patrons.
  • The house lights in the theatre are adjusted to a higher level. Tt is never completely dark.
  • Abrupt shifts in lights, loud sounds, and special effects will be limited.
  • Any pyrotechnics will be modified or eliminated.

All the changes are made in consultation with the director and artistic staff to achieve the best experience possible for our patrons while maintaining the integrity of the show.

Relaxed performance tickets may be purchased by anyone, but if you prefer the more conventional theatre experience, you are advised to choose a different performance. If you prefer a matinee we encourage you to attend one of the three other matinees offered on December 11th, 12th and 19th.