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Auris Loop Hearing Assist System Now Installed

auris-loop-graphicThe Auris Loop, an induction hearing technology common in Europe but fairly new in North America, assists those with hearing loss. It has recently been installed in the Shuswap Theatre. The system works in conjunction with telecoil-equipped hearing aids or cochlear implants and can also be used with streamers and FM receiver devices.

According to hearingloop.org, with the looping system, many of the millions who struggle with hearing loss in theatres, churches, social arenas and conferences can now hear a broadcast straight from the source “without extraneous noise or blurring of the sound.” The induction loop system transmits magnetic energy to the telecoil in hearing aids or cochlear implants through a wire connected to the sound source that circles a room or arena. The sound is transmitted directly to the hearing aid or cochlear implant electromagnetically with no extra equipment save the telecoil.

Also known as a T-coil, the telecoil is a small copper coil included in about 70% of hearing aids currently in use and in cochlear implant processors. Originally designed to boost telephone handset signals, it functions as a wireless antenna, linking into a sound system, and is activated by a switch on the hearing aid. When paired with the loop system it can connect the listener directly to the sound source, eliminating background noise. Although most hearing aids in Canada have T-coils, few users having a working knowledge of them.

Many users report a drastically improved experience when using the Auris Loop.

The Auris Loop system is already installed in several local churches and in the Salmar Theatre.

How to Use the Auris Loop System

  1. Check with your hearing aid provider to see if your hearing aids are T-coil equipped. If so ask to have it activated.
  2. When you get to the theatre, switch on your T-coil. Adjust your hearing aid volume as needed.

That’s all there is to it! The signal going to your ear will be modified by your own personal hearing aid settings.

Those without hearing aids or a T-coil can still benefit by using a portable receiver that hangs around the neck. You can plug your own earbuds or a headset into the receiver. We do not have any of these units yet but will likely purchase a few of these in the future.

Visit the Auris Loop website.

We are grateful to the Noon Hour Rotary Club for helping to provide the funds for this invaluable system.