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Children & The Secret Garden

We have received numerous questions about the age appropriateness of The Secret Garden for children. 

Children vary a great deal in terms of their capacity to be engaged in and enjoy this musical. While we have advertised it as generally suitable for age 10 and up, there will be exceptions. With intermission, the play is about 2 ½ hours long. While it is a wonderfully hopeful, even joyful story in the end, much of the action centres around grief and loss. The action moves forward as much in the music as it does in the dialogue. The music is very beautiful and it is complex. 

Young children who are already familiar with the story are more likely to enjoy the play. The book (written in 1910) by Frances Hodgson Burnett is available at the public library but there may be a long waiting list. As the book is now out of copyright, it is available to download for free through Project Gutenberg to read on your computer or tablet. It is also available as an audio book. For young children who do not know the basic story the play could be confusing. 

Apart from these considerations is your child’s previous experience attending live theatre, along with their ability to sit still and quiet for such a long time. If you are unsure, you may choose to attend the Relaxed Performance on Sunday, November 27th. Patrons are able to leave the theatre if necessary and watch the play on the TV monitor in the lobby. There is also a greater tolerance for audience-generated noise. For more about the Relaxed Performance, click here.

You know your child best, so consider these factors and make your own choice.  If you would like to have front row seats for your small humans, please buy your tickets at Wild Craft Mercantile, as Row A is not available online.