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The Shuswap Theatre Society is a registered nonprofit organization (No. 119149581RR0001). Each year at our Annual General Meeting we elect a governing board . The board elects it’s own officers–President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer. The board meets monthly, currently on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM. Members of the society are welcome to attend Board meetings if they wish. If you would like something on the agenda, please let the President know at least 48 hours in advance. The Board also appoints individuals to other committees and positions that are needed to run the company effectively. Click here to read the Responsibilities of Board MembersThe 2014/15 Board members and appointees are:

President Joyce Henderson
Vice President Kim MacMillan
Treasurer Sherry Bowlby
Secretary Judith Skelhorne
Directors (Board Members) John Coulson, Shannon Hecker, Marcus Smith, Althea Mongerson, Glenda Marchand, Bea Kirkwood-Hackett
Non-Board Positions:
Accounting Dept. Benieta Accounting: Eva & Dettmar Hasbach
Archives Susan MacMillanLois Archer-Duell
Artistic Committee Julia Body, James Bowlby, Althea Mongerson, Ellen Gonella, Paul Kirkwood Hackett
Bar Manager Denise Green
Building Maintenance & Janitorial Cilla Budda
Building Renovations & Electrical Maintenance Jake Jacobson
Building Rentals Cilla Budda
Computers/Software Marcus Smith, Kim MacMillan
Costume Rentals Cilla Budda
Costume Room Cilla Budda
Facebook Administrator Althea Mongerson
Grant Writing Jaci Metivier
Laughing Gas Improv Julia Body
Membership Patrick Benson
Office Machines Glenda Marchand
OZone Representative Cilla Budda (Sherry Bowlby will also attend)
Policy Committee Kim MacMillan, John Coulson, Marcus Smith
Posters & Programs Lisa Bennett
Prompter (newsletter) Editor Susan MacMillan
Props Room James BowlbyCilla Budda
Public Rel./Marketing Althea Mongerson & team
Scene Shop Randy Brogden
Season Subscriptions, Comps, Gift Cards Alice Chin
Seniors Theatre Peter Blacklock
Sponsors Program Joyce Henderson, Marcus Smith
Technical Director Jake Jacobson
Ticket Co-ordinator Glenda Marchand, Kim MacMillan
Ticket Outlet Althea Mongerson – Intwined Fibre Arts
Volunteer Database Manager Kim MacMillan
Volunteer Development
Volunteer Phone Communications Judith Skelhorne
Website Kim MacMillan
Youth Theatre Development Shannon Hecker & Team


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