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The Prompter Changes Format

For years Shuswap Theatre has been putting out a multipage newsletter, The Prompter, five times a year. In recent years the great majority of these were sent out in the form of an email notice with a link to The Prompter on our website. Recently only a small handful of members, including some nonresidents, have been receiving by mail a hard copy.

We have learned that an increasing number of people don’t get around to reading such a long document, even though others have appreciated it immensely. The trend is toward shorter and more frequent e-newsletters that can be read quickly on the screen. This has the added advantage of providing information that is more current.

As a result Shuswap Theatre will be publishing shorter editions of The Prompter, probably every two or three weeks. We will not flood your inbox with frequent emails (we hate spam as much as you do). At the bottom of each newsletter there will be an unsubscribe link for anyone who does not wish to receive it anymore. Issues will continue to be archived here on our website.

Unfortunately, it would not be feasible to provide mailed copies of every Prompter. So for those few who do not have access to email (public library? friend? neighbour? family member?) we will be providing paper copies for pickup at our ticket agent, Intwined Fibre Arts, on Hudson Avenue. Many thanks to Althea Mongerson for agreeing to do this.

We want to express huge appreciation to Susan MacMillan for the tremendous job she has done producing a first class newsletter for the past 8 ½ years. We are pleased that she will be continuing on with the new format.

Your comments on the new Prompter are welcome. Please send them to Susan along with any news to be included in a future issue.









To reduce our costs, our newsletter and other informational contact is sent by email, unless you have advised us otherwise at or Shuswap Theatre Membership, Box 2432, Salmon Arm, BC, V1E 4R4.

All newsletters posted here are in PDF format. To view these files you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader (or Preview, which comes on every Mac).  If you do not currently have that installed you may download a free copy at the Adobe Acrobat site.

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